Specifies information about the domain that is associated with the subscription.

Domains generally define the level at which events are subscribed to. Subscribing on the "GSM" domain for example, will deliver event notifications for all applicable entities managed with the GSM console, subscribing on the "Site" domain delivers notifications only for respective entities managed on the GSM site. To find out what type of domains are supported by individual event types, query the list of available event types using the GetEventTypes API, or review the Event Notifications Guide section here.

NameDescriptionTypeAdditional Information

The type name of the domain. E.g. "GSM", "Site".




The required value(s) for the domain. For domains that define multiple values all values need to be provided. For example, subscribing on the "Site" domain level requires specifying values for both the GSMKey as well as the SiteKey (like depicted in the request body sample of the create subscription API here).

Collection of CreateSubscriptionRequestModelDomainValue