POST /service/api/notifications/subscriptions/{subscriptionId}/resumewebhook

Resumes calls to the subscription's webhook DeliveryUrl for informing about new notifications.

When resuming a suspended webhook, a synchronous validation call to the webhook DeliveryUrl will be made. The webhook has to respond successfully and with the expected ValidationResponse value in the response (the value must match the ValidationContext value provided in the webhook request). Otherwise webhook calls will not be resumed and an error is returned.

See the subchapter about "Webhook Calls: Validation Message" in the webhook section of the Notifications Guide for more information.

Request Information

URI Parameters

NameDescriptionTypeAdditional Information

The identifier of the subscription to resume webhook calls for.



URI Sample(s)


Body Parameters


Response Information

Resource Description

None. If successful, this API action does not return any data and the response status code will be 204 (No Content).