POST /service/api/console/access/gsm/{gsmKey}/addadminrequest

Initiates the process for requesting admin access to a GSM console.

IMPORTANT: Before initiating an access request it is the responsibility of the requestor to inform the owner of the target GSM console that a designated person (whose e-mail address has to be specified in the request) will receive a confirmation message from Webroot. The e-mail message will include further information about the steps how to approve the request which need to be carried out in order to advance the access request process. The status of an initiated access request can be queried by using the addadminstatus API method.

NOTE: After successfully obtaining API-only access to a GSM console, the established super admin does not automatically have access to the sites on that console. In order to gain access to sites, multiple steps are necessary:
  • Determine the UserId of the API-only super admin by querying the list of GSM admins via the get GSM admins request
  • Fetch the list of sites on the GSM console using the get sites request to obtain the site's SiteIds
  • Add the API-only super admin by calling the set site admins action for each desired site

Request Information

URI Parameters

NameDescriptionTypeAdditional Information

The GSM console keycode where a specified user should be added as an API-only super admin.



URI Sample(s)


Body Parameters

Additional information for initiating the access request process.

WARNING: The user specified in the UserEmail field, i.e. the user which should be added as an API-only super admin to the target GSM console, will no longer be able to logon interactively to the SecureAnywhere Website via Please ensure that this user is not required for interactive access to ANY other consoles.

NameDescriptionTypeAdditional Information

The e-mail address of the user which should be added as an API-only super admin to a GSM console.


The user must be an existing GSM admin.



The e-mail address of the user which will receive the confirmation message for approving the access request.


The user must be an existing admin of the GSM console for which access is requested.


Sample Request

  "UserEmail": "",
  "ConfirmEmail": ""
<GSMSuperAdminRequestModel xmlns:i="" xmlns="">

Response Information

Resource Description

None. If successful, this API action does not return any data and the response status code will be 204 (No Content).